I can DEFINITELY relate to my early education leaders and childcare business owners because I’ve been serving, speaking, coaching, and consulting you since 1999.

Whether I’m speaking at a conference, training a team, or delivering group coaching with owners + directors who need to know there is clarity on the other side of the chaos…I know you just need support and solutions.

I’ve spent years working with centers run by owners and directors who lead with heart AND work hard, yet struggle to manage their time, team, and mind. And I knew exactly how they felt! I’ve owned my own ECE-related business since 1999, and I’ve done the 80-hour week crazy train I thought helped my business thrive… but I barely survived.

When I finally got clear on how to empower my team, put the right systems in place, and manage my time and energy, there was a marked shift in my own mindset and mental health AND I got my joy back – and you can too!

My magic is in my ability to motivate and articulate the exact steps you need to take to organize and strategize your workflows and processes. So whether I’m coaching, consulting, leading a workshop, or speaking on the main stage, I’ll inspire you to take action to get the transformation you know you need.


I love helping leaders find their purpose, simplify their processes, and create a culture that engages and inspires their teams. When leaders see themselves as the team-building bosses they truly are, they get real results through aligning their values, their team, and their families.

"I have so much clarity from my sea of chaos!"

I’m grateful for the directional input working with Beth has had on my faith, leadership, focus and my ability to be unwavering in my ability to love God and people.

Kristin Walker, Weekday Preschool Director

I believe in…

  • Sharing access to world-class training and systems, streamlined processes, and simplified operations
  • Empowering leaders to lead with confidence, set healthy boundaries, and achieve work-life balance
  • Helping schools create a culture to attract and retain high-quality and talented teams
  • Inspiring leaders to leverage their faith, walk in integrity, and love their people well
  • Bringing relatable messages with energy that create lasting change because staff development does not have to be a drag
  • Delivering content that lead to true transformation


The official blah, blah…

Beth Cannon is known for her unique and effective approach to equipping and empowering early education leaders and teams. A sought-after speaker, coach, and consultant, Beth is the creator of a variety of strategy development and training programs and has delivered thousands of transformational keynotes and workshops for conferences, retreats, and schools.

Beth has dual roles in the ECE world:

• A keynote speaker, trainer and coach for ECE professionals through Beth Cannon Speaks and Leader’s Lounge Solutions, and a registered ECE trainer through several states.

• The owner of 12 Stretch-n-Grow franchises – an international children’s motor development and enrichment provider that directly serves childcare centers – and has built the largest, most successful business in the history of the company. She’s the author and creator of the Children’s Fitness Instructor Certification Program, curriculum developer, and the Director of Corporate Training, having trained hundreds of business owners worldwide.

With a bachelor’s degree in communications and education from the University of Texas at Arlington, Beth’s certifications in business, fitness, and education cover her office wall three times over.

“I’m a teacher to my core – and if I know a thing, I want to teach the thing! I am going to be relentless about finding a creative, simple, and energetic way to serve to you what I’ve learned along the way. With 25+ years of diverse experience as an international speaker, educator, and entrepreneur, my passion for engaging leaders and inspiring teams is what fuels me to create trainings and events that transform teams and elevate leaders.”

Conference + Retreat KeyNote Speaking

Motivational Messages that Create Lasting Change

KeyNotes – Experience the synergy of coming together

Workshops + Break-Outs – Enjoy collaborating and communicating in small groups

Team-Building Intensive Workshops

Empowering Teams with Tools to Thrive

Whether On-Line or On-Site, your team will experience the synergetic, energetic, and interactive workshop that will transform your staff into a high-performing team.

Digital Professional Development Courses

Staff Development does not have to be a drag!

Group Coaching Courses for Leaders – connection + strategic direction in a group implementation program

Team-Building To-Go– on-demand “training in a box” for your entire staff

Courses for Credit– a variety of engaging online classes for ECE professionals

"The clarity I gained working with Beth was priceless."

When we began to expand, the pain of turnover due to a lack of consistent and clear onboarding was evident. Beth helped me create a simple, yet comprehensive system that allowed my staff to embrace and understand our brand.

They are now passionate about our values and vision.

Renee Terry, Program Director

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