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Ready to cut your New Employee Training Time IN HALF...
and transform your Employee Training Manual into Online Course Modules?

Hey there Early Childhood Business Leaders…

Are you exhausted by turnover, and you know your inefficient onboarding process is a reason, but you’re too tired, strapped or stressed to figure out what to do about it?

There is a better way, and you’re about to have your eyes opened wide to LEGIT GOLD when you realize that NOW is the time to CUT YOUR TRAINING TIME IN HALF by optimizing your onboarding ditching your paper manual and moving to an automated online system – and using my hacks to free systems that will allow you to do it with ease!

Better Onboarding.  Faster Training. 

Save massive time AND energy when you swap your old binder for something better.


Manuals to Modules

The most comprehensive course to help Early Education Leaders turn their hot-mess employee manual into comprehensive online modules – using ALL FREE TOOLS.

I can't believe how quickly this exponentially improved my team's onboarding!

Seeing the real results Beth got for her own team made me realize I could not hire one more teacher until I got my training manual off paper and into a digital platform that made them WANT to learn what it’s like to be on our team.

 Renee Terry, Program Director

Manuals to Modules® is for YOU if...

It’s time to stop delivering distracted orientations and finally start freeing yourself to lead your team. 

  • 92% of employees say that having the technology to do their job efficiently improves their work satisfaction.
  • 57% of people believed they learned more through online learning, and it increases knowledge retention by at least 25%.
  • 42% of companies said they saw an increase in company revenue when they switched from manuals to modules.

Don’t let another week go by that you could be losing a great teacher because they weren’t trained well.

After all, happy learners = engaged learners and engaged learners = better training outcomes. What’s more valuable than that?

When I realized I did not have to read the handbook to every new hire, I felt FREEDOM! Once I created the courses for onboarding, I spent about 80% LESS time repeating rules. I let the courses do the work!

We implemented Beth’s framework in our program to redesign our backend strategies, from systems and processes to orientation and training. Her step-by-step processes helped us reset our foundation, and that resulted in a more connected, cohesive team…which resulted in MUCH less overwhelm and frustration for me.

Krystal Johnston, Program Director

Prepare to Boost Accountability, Get Better Results, AND Cut Your Training Time in Half.

This 9-module course will walk you step-by-step through the exact framework you need to consolidate your repetitive orientation and onboarding training into a singular resource that will EXPONENTIALLY save you time, money and valuable resources.

10 Professional Development Hours + TONS of Swipe Files + Template

 Get it done FASTER with our 60-page interactive workbook with additional video trainings, worksheets, checklists, templates and more. AND Earn what you learn with a professional development certificate! 

Time-Saving Slide Design Training

Learn how to quickly create branded slide decks in this Bonus Training Course.  You’ll shave HOURS off of the process of moving your info from paper to this easy-to-use free online design platform!

Loaded Project Management Template

Our done-for-you Trello board is a MASSIVE TIME HACK –  perfectly aligned with your course content.  You’ll get to see in ONE VIEW what your entire project will look like.

Total Value = $1,547


As a business and leadership strategist in the early education space (and having owned and operated my own ECE business for 24 years), I know FOR SURE that the right systems inspire leaders to engage their team! 

AND they especially need the highest level of engagement during onboarding.  I can’t wait to share my exact framework for turning that hot-mess handbook into an organized-strategized-energized online experience!

Join me and thousands of other owners and directors who’ll be saving time, money, energy and resources when they turn those manuals into modules.

YES!  The minute you make your decision, you have immediate access to all 9 modules and can start right away.

YES!  The minute you make your decision, you have immediate access to all 9 modules and can start right away..

Our average student can complete this project in 40 days.  We suggest you carve out at least 3-4 weeks of focused, blocked time to finish strong. *Depends on the quantity of the content in your manual.

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You bet!  Our Tech Library inside has several short training videos that quickly get Overwhelm happens when you don’t have an actionable, easy to follow, proven path to stick to. You’re going to follow the super detailed, step-by-step implementation framework because you are SUPER motivated to get online training in place.  

Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds once the purchase has been made.

You can stay stuck in orientation purgatory, OR you can do like my student Madi who was determined to NOT have to take time out of her already-crazy days to sit a new employee through another boring, disconnected orientation…only to have them ghost within a week! “I decided to take Manuals to Modules because I knew no one was reading the handbook - and that was evident in how their first few weeks were going. Once we had our modules complete, I felt sooo much time freedom and confidence in knowing all of the important information had been imparted to my staff…and it did not involve me doing it! We’ve onboarded exponentially more people in the past few years than we ever have, so me being able to have faith in a SYSTEM instead of my brain has been a gift."

– Madi McCloskey, Early Childhood Business Leader

Manuals to Modules®

Total Value = $1,547


Act today to claim this limited time price.

Are you ready to finally ditch that paper manual and consolidate your training into Modules your team will love?