The 3 Secrets to Systems that take you from...

Chaos to Clarity

(exit the overwhelm, gain some MAD organization skills, and get your team aligned)

In This Masterclass, You Will Learn:


The key to stop thinking about how you’re ever going to become a team building BOSS and start DOING it

— snag my system for converting your paper manual to online modules + learn frameworks and workflows to add hours to your week!


Get clear on what tasks are consuming you that could be passed to someone else

— you can’t afford to keep getting this wrong; it is costing you way TOO MUCH!


How to get BIG results and move the needle for your school even if you're discouraged

— by a board that has different objectives, a team that seems disconnected, and systems that just don’t stick for you.

If ANY of the following SCREAM YOUR NAME, you can’t afford to miss this masterclass…

You’re caught up in the day-to-day “to-do’s”

but don’t know how to efficiently delegate and still get things done the right way

You’re struggling with how to motivate and encourage teachers

& they’re already overwhelmed during these uncertain times

You’re never “on top of the pile”

and you are sooooo ready to exit the overwhelm of constant setbacks
If the idea of getting Confident + Clear as you conquer the most challenging season in the history of our industry jazzes you - and if you're ready to become the faithful, focused, mission-minded, team-building boss you were created to be - this FREE Live MasterClass is for YOU!

Oh, and did I mention you’ll receive a special gift for just showing up live?

The Ultimate Checklist

for converting that hot-mess handbook to clear and concise online training modules (using all free tools!) will be yours – just for coming on live!

We only saved 100 seats so be sure to grab yours NOW!

A Personal Invitation from Beth

I’d love to be your guide to creating and implementing systems and strategies that help you move from chaos to clarity…

I’ve been developing early education leaders for over 20 years. I know your struggles, and more importantly, I know your heart.

Having created training and development programs for hundreds of entrepreneurs and educators has given me laser-sharp insight into the tools, tips and tricks to support and guide YOU on YOUR transformation journey from frazzled to focused.

2020 was quite the behavior challenge, and despite the fact that 2020 BC (before COVID) seems like a century ago, you’re surviving what you can now, and you are determined to thrive through the rest of this uncertain season.

Most of all, you’d prefer not to spend the rest of your career battling burnout and dreading each new day and the drama it might bring because you can’t seem to get on top of things and get your team aligned.

If all of this has everything in you screaming YAAASSSSS, then choose a time that works for you! I’ll see you in the MasterClass!


Beth Cannon

Join My Master Class - 3 Secrets to Systems that take you from Chaos to Clarity - Sep 28, Sep 30 or Oct 4.

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