Manuals to Modules

The most comprehensive course to help Early Education Leaders turn their hot-mess employee manual into comprehensive online modules – using ALL FREE TOOLS.



Manuals to Modules was created for Early Education Leaders who…

  • have no shortage of interruptions and staff turnover, and you’ve spent far too many hours of your life on orientation (and likely not delivering it consistently)
  • wonder why accuracy automatically takes a hit because mistakes and endless interruptions have cost you way too much
  • realize your new hires are not reading your manual (that may or may not have been updated since 2007?)
  • know hiring new employees with a solid training AND retention plan in mind gets results
  • finally are ready to consolidate your repetitive orientation and onboarding training into a singular resource that will EXPONENTIALLY save you time, money and valuable resources
  • stop expecting new hires to digest that paper manual and finally give them training that sticks