Trello for Childcare Business

Hello, Trello for ECE Business® will take you step-by-step through the framework that my ECE students are using to conquer the chaos and manage the messy parts of their business from operations to onboarding, to training and tracking what’s happening with your team.

Trello is FREE. And this course shows you how to be the boss of your business for just $39.



Our Instructional Video Training Series explains how to use and implement 6 Key Boards to Organize All The Things in your Childcare business:

📔 ECE Business Binder

  • Your big picture dashboard where you can access ALL the tools and resources in your business

  • Standard Operating Procedures plus brand assets, course access, contact and resources – everything you need to quickly get to the backend resources of your business

📅 Planning + Projects

  • Assign tasks and checklists to your team with a clear path to document when it’s done…no more delegating and wondering if there was ever a follow-through

  • Know always what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in the process, and on what timeframe

  • Organize your entire year, plan events, create content calendars and curriculum, and streamline communications with your team.

📡 Job Applicant Tracking System

  • Document potential employees coming into your pipeline as you decide whether to pick them or pass on them.

  • Communicate details with your admin team…all in one place

  • Never let a good applicant slip through the cracks (and identify the ones who might actually be on crack😮 joking…but really!).

📍 On-Boarding New Employees

  • Track and manage progress through a real-time checklist you can monitor from anywhere.

  • Layout the exact details of your onboarding experience, so your new hires know exactly what is expected, and when it’s expected

👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏼 Teacher Tracking System

  • Your teachers are amazing…but you need a way of keeping track of their accomplishments, skills, training, and “good karma” moves

  • On the other hand, you need a place to store screenshots of texts, call-ins, time off, infractions…think of this as your virtual paper trail when needed

💡 Curriculum

  • Make it easy for your teachers to access a TON of ideas for their classroom

  • Teachers can share and collaborate on topics and ideas so the best and brightest activities can come to life for the kids…and greatness does not get missed.

  • A Tech Tutorial Library from Trello to walk you through it all!