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Need a Solid Retention Strategy for your Top Talent?

Invest in your people…and you’ll get a return on your investment!

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You'll learn how to gain insight into how to retain employees while they're still employed, and hopefully, show your best performers that you value them and their place in your center.


👉Top performers who traditionally have excellent performance reviews

👉Performers who show dedication, potential, integrity and STAR Power!


👉At least ONCE a year - NOT in conjunction with traditional performance review

👉WHENEVER you feel tension after a hard situation


👉Outside of the center - away from chaos and interruptions

👉Cozy, quiet - limited distraction space


👉It's a chance to connect - NOT a meeting or official in any capacity

👉Invite the employee to share his or her perspective on how things are going at your center

Hey there! I'm Beth!

I help Early Education Leaders gain the clarity and confidence they need to transform their staff into a high-performing team through speaking at conferences as a keynote or workshop presenter, business and leadership professional development, and onsite or online team training.

If you’re ready to become the faithful, focused, mission-minded, team-building boss you were created to be, you’re in the right place! My mission is to Empower Leaders and Engage Teams with creative energy to inspire action and connection.

Here's How I Help ECE Leaders + Teams

Leadership Group Coaching

Stuck to Strategy Academy is a 12-week Group Coaching + Implementation Program

Team-Building Intensive Workshops

Whether On-Line or On-Site, your team will experience the synergetic, energetic, and interactive workshop that will transform your staff into a high-performing team.

Conference + Retreat KeyNote Speaking

KeyNotes – Experience the synergy of coming together Workshops + Break-Outs – Enjoy collaborating and communicating in small groups

Digital Professional Development Courses

Team-Building To-Go– on-demand “training in a box” for your entire staff Courses for Credit– a variety of engaging online classes for ECE professionals

Read What My Clients Say About Their Experience

Beth helped me fight the overwhelm and empower my team in a strategic way through Stuck to Strategy Academy. She is the queen of systems and a wealth of knowledge on how to implement them. Beth is a highly engaging coach and makes the sometimes boring tasks fun. She also helps you IMPLEMENT, which is a game-changer. I highly recommend Stuck to Strategy Academy to owners and directors who want to get their team all moving in the same direction.

Before working with Beth I felt stuck. We did not have real strategies and systems, and my leadership team was pulling their hair out. During coaching with Beth, I regained my self-confidence and got clarity about what I value and what I want to achieve. I’m very grateful for Beth's guidance, and recommend her to any ECE leader who needs to get traction by implementing her strategies - plus I can't wait for her to come to Indiana and lead a Team-Building Intensive with my staff this summer.”

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